Jrone technology is a prominent, specialist turbochargers and turbochargers elements from Asia, We quantity professional substitution spare elements of turbocharger to the self-supporting after-market. The variety contains Wheels and Compressor Wheels , Thrust Bearings, Bearing Housings, Piston Rings, Thrust Collar, Seal Plates, Shaft, Back plate Repair Kits and Oversize Journal Bearings.

Jrone technology equipment handle every trendy inventively supplier spare parts. Nowadays we can easily delivery above a thousand spare parts also strategy turbo refurbish equipment together with recycle those to more than twenty international locations for instance The United States, Middle East, also Europe.

Jrone technology offers not just areas to few after-market supplier, along with top quality equipment portions to remanufacturing as well as to reconditioning work area.

JRONE Technology products cover all popular originally manufacturer spare parts. We currently can supply more than 1000 model turbo repair kits and spare parts, and sell them to 20 countries, including Europe, North America, Middle East. We certainly have a good amount of methods together with understanding to benefit the remanufacturing workshop.

Jrone Technology provides professional staff (only technical engineers) arise from best known turbocharger industries, all over the world. Our team contains manufacture worker respectively, researcher, designer and quality controller. There is innovative manufacture machine, whereas we construct and also pattern outstanding manage devices. We conduct ISO 9001 :2000 directly and our industry is organized as well as strict controlling. for our clients, we put into practice 'Supply Chain Management' working and producing useful, unique supply chain to ensure that we are able to exist in marketplace. Jrone Technology is based on JRONE Technology focuses on Benefits, Program and Technology.  Every one of us work best to satisfy you.

All manufactureres names, numbers, and descriptions used here are for reference purposes only and not imply that any part listed is the product of these manufactures.